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 Cress Creek Garden Club of Naperville, Inc.
Meetings and Programs


Regular Agenda

9:30 AM     Social Time
10:00 AM   Business Meeting
1:00 PM    Guest Speaker/Program

12:00 PM    Lunch Served


Monthly meetings are held at the Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton. The November meeting is our major fundraiser named "Make It Bake It." The fundraiser is held at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. 


PROGRAM SCHEDULE for 2022 - 2023

September 9, 2022:                                                                           Welcoming Fall In!                                                                        Floral Arrangements                                                                                Location:  Arrowhead Country Club

Denise Walden from Walden Florals in Downers Grove will help kick off our new season.  She is a talented designer who will create beautiful out of the box arrangements for us to raffle to members attending the meeting.  Denise teaches floral design at C.O.D. and is one of our favorite floral designers from the Floral Symphony.


October 14, 2022:                                                                               Spring Bulbs: Bring the Party to Your Garden                                         Location:  Arrowhead Country Club

Bill Karges, a naturalist at Pioneer Garden Center in Villa Park, will teach us all we need to know about spring bulbs, their care, and creating beautiful spring gardens.  He will be selling bulbs for those who would like to try some new varieties or old-time favorites.


February 10, 2023                                                                                How to Create a Healing Garden                                                          Location:  Arrowhead Country Club                                                           Deborah Marqui, a licensed clinical social worker, will present the background story behind founding the Healing Gardens at Stone Hill Farm in St. Charles, IL, and Deborah’s interest in nature and gardening as a healing transformative activity.  The presentation covers specific elements to consider…garden space, color; plant choice, healing properties, smell, touch, and sounds that attract butterflies and birds.  Materials available.


March 10, 2023                                                                                      Indoor Gardening by Mel Zaloudek                                                        Location:  Arrowhead Country Club                                                          Mel Zaloudek has a bachelor’s degree in botany and has been on the Horticulture Faculty at Triton College for over 20 years.  He will share how to cheer up your living space with happy and healthy houseplants.  Tips on optimal care, pest and disease problems as well as other pertinent information will be presented.  Full question and answer time so bring your queriers to the meeting and we’ll get to the ROOT of the matter.


March 27, 2023                                                                                     Field trip to SCARCE                                                                            Kay McKeen will lead us on a field trip of their new facility where she will make us more aware of all the things we can do and bring to SCARCE just to keep our landfills less crowded.  Kay spoke to our club last year and got such rave reviews we wanted her to further enlighten our knowledge on reclamation and saving our planet.  Definitely worth the trip!  Lunch option and carpool information will be forth coming.


May field trip to Redbud Creek (first week in May)                               Date, transportation and lunch options will be forth coming.









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